A College Student’s Food Guide To Vile Parle (Part 2)

At a Glance: Where and What to eat on a food walk through Vile Parle

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “There is no sincerer love than the love for (street) food”. Mumbai, the city of dreams, has thousands of people in search of love, acceptance, fame and many more different things. And all these people need to flourish the taste of Mumbai food. If you are in the mood to tantalize your taste buds, fall in love with the street food that Mumbai has to offer.

Vile Parle West, the popular suburban area of Mumbai has a lot of things to boast and flourish about as discussed in the Vile Parle Food Trail Part 1. The two major things that Vile Parle is known for is: India’s top colleges, like The Mithibai College, NM College, NMIMS, DJ Sanghvi Engineering college; and for the street food that people can find here. Various different varieties of delicious and mouth-watering street food can be found in this part of the city. These joints cannot be missed at all when visiting Vile Parle. Because of the colleges and its students, this part of the city has a young-hip vibe. These famous eateries in Mumbai receive so much love from the students who hang-out here constantly. Here is a perfectly curated list of college student favorites – these popular eateries will have you back craving for some more.

The Anand Stall

Established way back in 1982, The Anand Stall has added spice to the lives of the college students and residents nearby. In fact, it won’t be to wrong to claim that people travel across the city to specially have a snack here. If one travels here for breakfast, the Maska Vada Pav simply cannot be missed. While the vada pav has gone through numerous transformations over the years with variations in the traditional vada pav style to Jumbo King’s vada pav. The Anand Stall created its own hybrid recipe as the owner adds ‘maska’ or ‘butter’ to the pav with a spice of garlic and pudina chutney and a hint of lemon with chilli. The crunchy vada wrapped in the pav is well-balanced with pure Indian masala leaving a long lasting impact on the customer’s mind! It can be made cheesy or spicy with the addition of schezwan in it – the way you like it.

Vada-pav at Anand Stall (Credits: Mid-day)

Gayatri Sandwich and Soda Stall

Gayatri Sandwich and Soda Stall is a tough competitor to Lucky Sandwich in every sense. Just opposite to Mithibai and NM College and a short distance away from Anand Stall, Gayatri Sandwich is the solution to hunger of hundreds of students every day. With a huge variety of sandwiches in its armoury, we find Gayatri Sandwich to be an ideal taste buster. The Schezwan Cheese Sandwich or Cheese Mayonnaise Grill Sandwich are the best selling items and they go well with the huge range of sodas available at the stall.

Grilled Sandwich at Gayatri Sandwich Stall (Credits: TimesofIndia)

The Dosa Stall

A street vendor opposite to NM college has created a landmark for himself by serving numerous students and localites in the area. This stall, is again, a stone’s throw away from Gayatri Sandwich. This shop is famous across for its special range of dosas. Though the shop doesn’t have a name, but if you ask people around where could be the best dosa available, they’ll unanimously guide you to this location. This vendor is known for his personally created variations in dosas like the ‘Jini Dosa’, ‘Pav Bhaji Dosa’, ‘Chocolate Dosa’ and many more.

Apart from this, even the basic traditional dosas do not fail to make you enjoy the symphony of various ingredients used to prepare and the mouth-watering chutney specially made by the vendor himself. The crunchy dosas covered in cheese with tangy masala and chatpati chutneys provide an altogether a different feeling and is famous across Mumbai. Personally, the Jini Dosa served here happens to be by far the favourite Dosa I’ve had!

Dosa at The Dosa Stall (Credits: Zomato)

The VJ Cafe

The VJ Cafe is the desi solution to the French Fries served in the big franchises. A 5 minute walk from the Dosa Stall, shall lead you to The VJ Cafe. Ever tried Pizza Pasta fries, or Cheese Chilly fries? How about Cheese Schezwan Fries or Cheese Mayonnaise Fries? You’ll get it all served here! Apart from the large range of French fries for which people generally visit this place, VJ Cafe also has a variety of desserts and other starters. And as the name goes, it also has a range of beverages being served. Our favourite from this particular spot happens to be the Pizza Fries coupled with the tempting and delightful Red Velvet Milkshake! This is by far is one of the best western fast food stalls in the area.

Pizza Fries at The VJ Cafe

Amar Juice Centre

Last but not least among the best and hand picked food in the streets of Vile Parle, Mumbai, is the Amar Juice Centre. As early as 10 in the morning or as late as at 2 in the night, this place will not let you sleep hungry. Favourite night-out spot for the youth, the aroma of the buttery pav bhaji can tempt anybody around! The chatpatti (spicy and tangy) bhaji and the soft pav make an amazing combo together, but the pav-bhaji at Amar Juice Centre is certainly different. The hot pav-bhaji served during cool nights is something you can look out for over here! And add to it, the special and wide range of fresh juices that the outlet offers.

Cheese Pav Bhaji-Amar Juice Corner-VileParle-Mumbai-imgrum
Cheese Pav Bhaji at Amar Juice Centre (Credits: Imgrum)
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