Best for

Gobi Manchurian, Masala Puri (with Pani).

Also serves

Fried Rice, Noodles.

Jayanagar Bangalore
Jayanagar 4th Block complex

The Jayanagar 4th Block BDA Complex is known to everybody - it is located opposite to the Jayanagar 4th Block Bus Depot. Ravi Chats is located in one of the outlines of the complex. One is supposed to enter the side of the complex that faces the bus depot, and anybody here would be able to help with the exact location of Ravi Chats.


A visit to the very famous BDA Complex of 4th Block, Jayanagar is incomplete without a plate of Chat from Ravi Chats. Located at the outline of the complex, it is most famous for its Gobi Manchurian and interesting north Indian fare. It was founded 32 years ago, as Saurabha - a little cabin that sold South Indian breakfast and snacks for employees in the complex. About 17 years ago, under Mr Mahadeva, it transformed into what it is today - with North Indian Chats and much more, says Mr Ashok, the manager. 'Why is it that the taste never changes?', I ask, for which he replies that the secret is the extensive training the cooks get. 'Well, every business venture has its own hurdles - and to be able to pass them and not take them too personally is the goal. The food should speak for itself - here it does, and I think this is the reason so many people come here!' I cannot help but run to the place Gobi Manchurian is being prepared. Now I know why they need to get trained! 'What is it that you are happiest about here?' 'Do you know that feeling when former regular customers remember you and come to greet you after years? They buy plates of Masala Puri, talk to us for hours, and leave with happiness, promising they'll return. That fills me with joy!', he says.

Special Information

  • Ravi Chats is one of the very few places in 4th Block to serve chats all day , starting at 11 o'clock in the morning.
  • Which is why, one does not have to wait for an outlet to open, but run into the place and order away, but the place can get crowded by 5:00 PM!

Other information

Seating: Unavailable

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