Street food in Goa: A quintessential Goan experience

At a glance: Most popular street food vendors 

Like street food in any city, Goan street food is a fantastic cultural experience. Many of the street food vans and carts have been around for more than 15 years, some such as Michael Lobo’s Center in Candolim and Umao Fast Food in Santa Cruz (now run by the owner’s daughter), being over 25 years old. The vendors themselves are a delight to converse with, their stories and smiles being so engaging, that the food is sometimes secondary. Loved by the locals, these street food joints attract foodies from all over Goa.

Goan Street Food


Micheal Lobo's Center - Aloo Bonda - Candolim - Goa
Michael Lobo's Center, CandolimBest For: Egg/Prawn Chops, Aloo Bonda, Bhajjis
Alankar Food Street - Main Joint - Mapusa - Goa
Alankar Food Street, MapusaBest For: Chinese noodles / fried rice, Tandoori Chicken, Juice
Goan Fast Food Truck - Facade -Cansaulim - Goa
The Goan Food Truck, CansaulimBest For: Cutlet Bread, Chorez pav, Sorpotel
Ravi Ras Omelet - Ras Omelet - Panjim - Goa
Ravi Ras Omelet, PanjimBest For: Ras Omelet, Xacuti
Haji Ali Shawarma - Chicken Shawarma Vendor - Panjim - Goa
Haji Ali Chicken Shawarma, PanjimBest For: Chicken / Spicy Chicken Shawarma
Daniel Sequira's Shawarma Stall - Vendor - Mapusa - Goa
Daniel Sequeira's Shawarma Stall, MapusaBest For: Chicken Shawarma
Umao Fast Food - Beef Chops - Santa Cruz - Goa
Umao Fast Food, Santa CruzBest For: Cutlet Bread, Beef Croquettes, Beef Chops, Beef Chilly, Pork Masala
Vinod's Vada Pav - Bonda - Panjim - Goa
Vinod's Vada Pav and Bhajji Cart, Panjim (Caculo Mall)Best For: Aloo Bhajji, Bonda, Vada Pav

We’ve also created a graphic here, if you would like to share this list of Goan street food joints.

Joints serving Goan Street Food
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