Street Talk


‘Make anything with love and it’ll turn out great.’ Vishakha lives by this mantra given to her by her mother. Hence her handle – 1TeaspoonLove. Read about Vishakha’s favourite street food joints.

A passionate foodie from Delhi, Rishika wants to make a career out of her twin loves of food and travel. She also dabbles in fashion off and on. This is her list of the best food experiences she has had in Delhi.

Anyone who plans their work around where he should eat deserves to be titled a Super Foodie. While he wears many hats – from entrepreneur to dog parent to traveller to nature enthusiast, food is something that Jaideep totally lives for.

Bhavna Kalra is a Mumbai-based foodie who loves to experiment with street food. She finds cooking therapeutic and loves spending time in the kitchen, as much a she digs finding interesting eateries and food across different cities.

Born and brought up in Chennai, Ritika Betala still misses the murukku sandwiches and idli dosa that she grew up on. However, now settled in Mumbai, she has grown to love the diversity of food that the city offers. Here she shares some of her cherished food memories and the food she craves from around India.

A complete foodie from New Delhi, Shivendra states that food and music are his pet passions. Clearly this north-Indian engineer loves everything chole, whether it is chole bhature or chole kulche and knows the perfect places to eat these treats at. Read on to know more!

Roma is a complete foodie – food reviewer, food photographer, food stylist, food consultant and even a social media specialist for all things food. That’s a long list!

Gurneet Kaur is a typical Punjabi, in that she loves her food! From chaats to chilli garlic noodles she has her favourite food haunts across small eateries and fine dine experiences.

Anuradha is a passionate foodie who counts Mumbai as the city she loves the most from a food perspective. Here she recounts an unforgettable bhel puri experience as part of our series #MyFoodMemories.

A true blue foodie from Mumbai, Pranay Mohta loves his veg. cheese grilled sandwiches and Mumbai vada pav. An inspirational foodie who goes by the name of criticalbhukkhad, he defines himself as a true blue #desi. Do go through Pranay’s version of #MyFoodMemories to learn about hidden eateries in Mumbai.