The Ultimate VV Puram Street Food Experience Guide

Top tips and best joints at VV Puram, Bangalore’s most famous food street or thindi beedi.  Print this practical guide, grab your friends and go visit.

Six things to plan before heading to VV Puram.

  1. Try to sample maximum number of dishes: How? Go with as many friends as you can rope in. The bigger the group, the more food you can sample. Aim to sample the top items at each joint. No point eating one or two items and heading back, we say!
  2. It comes alive around 7 PM: While some of the shops start serving from 5:30-6:00 PM onwards, all of them are ready only by 7:00 PM.
  3. Weekends are very crowded: So get there a little early by 7 PM.
  4. Parking secrets: Try one of the roads leading into Sajjan Rao Circle if you can’t find parking around the circle itself.
  5. Go green: Dispose off plates in a dustbin. Most shops will have them placed at prominent locations.
  6. No waste please: Try and avoid wasting food.


Now for a quick overview of the food before we get into the specifics of what each of the joints serve. There are about 15 outlets serving different types of food (listed below outlet by outlet). We would classify the food varieties into the following categories in decreasing order of specialty – from must-have to do-try to also-available.

(Not to say that food listed in the last category is not good – it’s just not what this street is known for. Also, some of those in the last category are relatively new additions to this otherwise old food street, and purists that we are, we would like to call them out.)


  1. Special South-Indian fare – Akki Roti / Ragi Roti / Paniyaram or paddus / Kodu Bele
  2. Special South-Indian sweet paranthas – Dal / Hollige
  3. Hot Jalebis / Gulab Jamun
  4. Bhajjis & Bondas
  5. Gulkun Ice-cream


  1. Regular South-Indian Tiffin – Dosas & Uttapams (made with generous amounts of pure ghee), Idli, Vadas, Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, Vermicelli Upma


  1. Mumbai Pao Bhaji, Dabeli, Tawa Pulao,
  2. Punjabi chaats (pani puri, papdi chaat, bread pakora, cutlets)
  3. Paranthas / Rajasthani roti sabzi,
  4. Lassi / Rose Milk
  5. Kulfi
  6. Chinese
  7. Sandwiches
Top eateries on this food street

1. Shri Vasavi Chatnis (Must-have)

This is the first shop to your left as you enter from Sajjan Rao Circle – just after BR Bakery. If there is one shop you must eat at, we would call out this one. Serving unique South-Indian fare that’s difficult to come by elsewhere, this is a do-not-miss in caps. Their jalebis are also great.

Great For:

Akki Roti (rice rotis) – In winters, they add avarekai to akki rotis. Served with a curry (different everyday) which is as good as the roti. Ragi Roti Paddus / Paniyarams (these are available at various shops down the road also) – Mini masala idlis. Hot Jalebis You could also try – Chinese – Gobi / Paneer / Mushroom Munchurian, Noodles and Fried Rice and Roomali roti and subzi.

2. Arya Vysya Refreshment (Must-have)

The second shop to your left after Shri Vasavi Chatnis – a must for Curd Kodu Bele. An establishment which is some 75 years old, it has a picture of the VV Puram food street shot in the 1960s.

Great For:

Curd Kodu Bele (rice flour and curd mixed together with seasoning to make a soft dough which is shaped into rings and deep fried) Idlis (soft, fluffy ones served with a deadly red chutney)

3. The Chaat Shop (Also-available)

A Punjabi Chaat shop for those who believe street food is incomplete without Pani Puri, Aaloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat.

Great For:

Cutlets Bread Pakora (Dry Potato curry is stuffed between two slices of bread, which are then coated with besan (gram flour) sauce and deep fried Pani Puri, Papdi Chaat

4. Shri Vasavi Mane Tindi (Do-try)

Another outlet of the Vasavi chain of outlets. This one serves the more regular south-Indian fare.

Great For:

Dosas / Uttapams / Ghee roast (Sprayed with an extremely generous of pure ghee) Idly, Paddus Lemon Rice / Tomato Rice / Puliyogare Vermicelli Upma Bele / Kayi Hollige

5. Idli Mane (Purple Board) (Do-try)

Another regular south-Indian fare outlet.

Great For:

Dosa, Idly Chutney, Lemon Rice / Puliyogare

6. Bhajji Shop (Must-have)

Bhajji is kannada for fritters. On the same side as Vasavi Mane Tindi, this shop has fast moving bhajjis of 2-3 different varieties.

Great For:

Mirchi (Chilli) Bhajji, Potato Bhajji / Bonda, Raw Banana Bhajji Maddur / Dal Vada

7. Shivanna Gulkun Center (Must-have)

Right at the end of the food street is a small provision store-like joint known for an innovation called Gulkan ice-cream, which falls in the must-have list on this street.

Great For:

Gulkun Ice-cream

8. Idli Mane (Brown Board) (Must-have)

Has the regular south-Indian fare but what we recommend here are the holliges – flour paranthas stuffed with a sweet filling made of either dal or coconut.

Great For:

Hollige – Pesaruttu

9. Dev Sagar (Mumbai street food) (Do-try)

This one serves Mumbai street food – Pao Bhaji, Vada Pao, Tawa Pulao and Dabeli. It might be one of the only shops in Bangalore to serve Dabeli. They also have good for sweets such as Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun etc.

Great For:

Pao Bhaji – Served hot, this is a good eat if the south-Indian fare does not excite or you need a break from it. Vada Pao – The usual aloo bonda stuffed into a pao (bread) Tawa Pulao – Another Mumbai favourite, this is a rice preparations with vegetables, masala and butter. Dabeli – A sweet version of vada pao – it’s like pao bhaji stuffed into the pao. Sweets – Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Carrot Halwa Jalebi – The jalebis seemed to be pre-prepared. Hot ones are definitely yummier. You can get them at Shri Vasavi Chatnis (first outlet on the street).

10. Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Centre (Good for a drink)

When you need a drink, head here for one of the Bangalore-famous fruit juices.

Good For:

Seasonal fruit juice – grape, watermelon, musk melon, orange, musambi etc.

11. Chinese Corner (Also-available)

Serves Chinese food.

Good For:

Chowmein, Fried Rice, Munchurian (Gobi / Paneer / Mushroom)

12. Sandwich Hut (Do Try)

Serves sandwiches and some south-Indian eats.

Good For:

Paddus – Mini masala idlis. Curd Kodubale (rice flour and curd mixed together with seasoning to make a soft dough which is shaped into rings and deep fried) – The second outlet on the street that serves these. Do try them. Holige – Bele and Coconut Grill Sandwiches – Veg., Cheese, Paneer, Capsicum and all combinations of these.

13. Mumbai Badam Milk and Lassi Center (Do-try)

A 20 year old shop that sells refreshing milk based drinks and rabri.

Great For:

Rose Milk, Badaam Milk, Rabri Custard (with and without fruits).

14. Ambe Maa Cool Zone (Also-available)

Good For:

Kulfi and Custard.

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